Denton Floyd Real Estate Group’s Investment division is one of the fastest growing companies in Louisville. With over 2000 properties purchased in cooperation with various investors, our company provides a vehicle for investors to work together to add large and small real estate assets to a growing and diversified portfolio. If you are interested in using Real Estate to build and diversify your investment portfolio, the Denton-Floyd can help in advising the best strategy to meet your objectives.

Founded: 2008

Purpose: Real Estate Investment & Ownership

At a glance:
– Own and manage over 1,600 units throughout Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas.
– Partner with the City of Louisville on multi-family property financing to provide affordable housing to lower and middle-income families.
– Partner with the City of Louisville to revitalize key areas around the city.
– Continue to provide a hands-on approach with each property in order to guarantee tenant satisfaction.

To become Louisville’s leading real estate investment and property management firm by implementing the following:
1. Provide quality affordable housing by focusing on the rehabilitation and management of real estate in distressed, abandoned, and neglected condition.
2. Secure and enhance holdings in superior areas (including but not limited to Old Louisville, Germantown, Highlands, Clifton/Crescent Hill, and the East End) to balance our portfolio with upscale property.
3. Concentrate on larger multi-family conversion from distressed to rehabilitated, and transform the block face of the surrounding area to make these properties leaders in the marketplace as well as facilitate positive change in these areas.

Qualifications to serve objectives:
– Denton Floyd Real Estate Group successfully manages a portfolio or over 1,600 units producing a 40% net-to-gross cash flow ratio.
– The firm consistently maintains a 98% occupancy rate for the entire portfolio after properties have been updated to the desired condition.
– We possess a solid tenant network by concentration on continued tenant satisfaction, which minimizes vacancies and leads to tenant referrals.
– Exhibit substantial professionalism and expertise in our field capitalizing on our 80 combined years of real estate investing, property management and rehabilitation & construction experience.
– We establish strong focus and display leadership skills in the area of single and multi-family property renovation in low-income or designated “revitalization” area to assist in providing families with a clean, safe place to live, as well as invigorate neighborhoods in which these properties are located.
– Work with community planners, neighborhood associations and the appropriate government entities to target and identify these areas where a difference can be made.
– Purchase, rehabilitate and sell properties through lease-with-option-to-purchase contracts, which provide pride of ownership to people who might otherwise be unable to qualify for home ownership through conventional methods.
– Volunteer for civic opportunities including but not limited to Habitat for Humanity, Repair Affair, Project Warm that are available for us to give back to our community through the gift of our time and service.
-Maintain very strong relationships with local banks, Louisville Metro Housing Authority, Jefferson County Department of Codes & Regulations, Louisville Metro Development, Landmarks Commission, and other appropriate Metro Louisville departments to ensure the continued growth & success of our business.

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