Co-Founder of Denton Floyd Real Estate Group, Brandon Denton, named one of Louisville’s Top 50 Under 50

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Co-Founder of Denton Floyd Real Estate Group, Brandon Denton, named one of Louisville’s Top 50 Under 50


Louisville, KY – January 18, 2021. Brandon Denton, co-founder, and partner at Denton Floyd Real Estate Group (“Denton Floyd”) has been named one of Louisville’s “Top 50 Under 50” by TOPS Louisville Magazine.


“As Co-founder and Partner of Denton Floyd Real Estate Group, Brandon Denton sees the firm’s guiding principle as the revitalization of communities by pioneering development that brings vibrancy to areas on the cusp of new growth. ‘That goal is stronger than ever today.’ Brandon studied Mechanical Engineering and Finance at the University of Louisville. After twenty years in the financial industry, he began his real estate career in 2000. Undaunted by the 2008 housing crisis, Brandon developed a knack for recognizing the potential in distressed properties. The business model eventually grew to encompass several aspects of real estate, from development to construction, property management, and brokerage. ‘We are very vertically integrated in that we handle all facets of a real estate project.’

Brandon derives satisfaction from the transformative, lasting effects of their project in the communities and surrounding areas. ‘Our projects often inject vibrancy and even a sense of identity into the area that need new residential and mixed-use development.’ On a more personal level, the ability to improve residents’ quality of life within a community is a dream come true for Brandon. ‘It has taken nearly 15 years of planned forethought, dedication by our incredible employees, and tremendous support from our strategic partners and investors to get to where our firm is now. None of what we do these days happened overnight. I’m very grateful for the reputation and the supportive team we have been able to build over the years that have been integral in helping us achieve our mission of building better communities.’”



About Denton Floyd Real Estate Group

Founded in 2008, Denton Floyd Real Estate Group is a full-service development firm with construction, property management, and brokerage divisions. With over 3500 units under management in Louisville, Lexington, and Southern Indiana, Denton Floyd offers superior service and a quality product to its clients and residents.

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