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Denton Floyd Real Estate Group is a full-service developer and general contractor that provides ground-up construction for Class A multi-family and senior living communities. We currently have approximately $506 million under construction. We are targeting approximately $750 million (2700+ units) in new investments over the next several years, primarily in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio and South Carolina.

Geographical Footprint

We are a premier developer, currently featured in South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, and Tennessee.





Cost Reduction

We can research and provide options for less expensive alternatives to specified materials or systems.

Value Added

Our experienced team can suggest higher quality products that will increase a project’s overall value with the project.

Life-Cycle Analysis

Value engineering can offer options that can create a balance between initial construction costs and the long-term operational budget of a multi-family development or senior living development.


Our team can recommend systems and products that will reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building.

Denton Floyd Development Profile

Our development and construction divisions have achieved remarkable success completing significant projects throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. Our knowledge and expertise range from developing Class A new builds to rehab and adaptive reuse, benefitting both residential and commercial clients.

We use skilled subcontractors across all construction-related disciplines, from architects to engineers to plumbers, electricians, and HVAC.

All projects adhere to a specific set of guidelines to promote maximum bidding coverage and achieve the best market pricing. Our policies cover new construction and renovation projects, scope sizes and how quotes relate to established targets based on current and historical pricing.

When working with new vendor partners, we require an initial pre-bid meeting. Subsequent communication may take place via phone or technology platforms including Procore, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

While one of our priorities is to keep costs down, our primary focus is ensuring the highest quality outcome for our developments. We will not choose the lowest bid if the expected results will not meet our standards.

We treat our subcontractors as collaborators and part of our team. We negotiate fair contract terms and always pay on time. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our subcontractors, using their services on multiple projects as needed and approved by the project team.

We believe value engineering should be much more than simply an exercise in reducing costs. Our pre-construction value engineering services can improve project teamwork, increase value and improve scheduling, as well as identify hidden costs and keep a project at or below budget.

We utilize our vast experience in multi-family, development, and construction to work with operations to identify and realize the development key goals. Our project teams include estimators, project managers and field supervisors whose job is focused on maximizing overall budget objectives.

There is simply no substitute for advance planning and careful design. Our value engineering services can save time and money while ensuring a superior end result.

AIA Document G701™-2017 is used for implementing changes in the work agreed to by the owner, contractor, and architect. Execution of a completed G701 indicates agreement upon all terms of the change, including any changes in the contract sum (or guaranteed maximum price) and contract time. The form allows for signatures of the owner, architect and contractor, and for a description of the change.

CSI's Master Format of the 16-division breakdown is the basis of Budget.  Solicitation is performed and bids received through project management software, Procore.  Once bids have been received and reviewed, they are categorized as low bid and Estimate established for a project ready for buyout.

The amount of that contingency can vary, but it's basically a contractor's contingency to use for anything that's considered an allowable cost, like hiring subcontractors and renting scaffolding and all the materials and labor and equipment that it takes to build the project.  The contingency is updated in monthly budget updates and is executed through the Change Order process.

Each project is assigned at least 1 full time Superintendent and 1 full time Project Manager to assure the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project. In addition, there will be monthly inspections by QCM’s and SSHO’s to ensure quality and safety standards are being maintained. All costs are monitored through a monthly pay request that is inspected by both the bank and the architect.