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We offer long-term investments in significant real estate projects for our strategic partners. We have a long history of developing successful real estate ventures in the areas of Class A multi-family and senior living. With experience in markets throughout the U.S., our staff brings expertise in fields including real estate development, construction, capital management, property management, finance, and accounting.

Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated

From negotiation to closing, or from an empty lot to 500+ unit communities, we manage our properties and processes first-hand with a keen eye for detail. By managing our own investments, rehabilitation work, and new construction, we keep our overhead low to ensure that our projects maintain strong cash flow for our Partners.

Community Investment

Community Investment

We invest in both value add and distressed properties as well as new construction projects that serve to improve the quality of life in our communities.



We believe in building long-term relationships with key debt and equity stakeholders. These valued relationships are based on trust and integrity, which has resulted in many stakeholders having multiple investments with our Company over the years.


Denton Floyd Real Estate Group’s vertically integrated platform is driven by sustainable investing and community development, projects meant to enhance stakeholder value and build better communities.

Our investment strategies aim to grow individual assets and build solid portfolios for our Partners.

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The Slate

Project Completed:2022
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Lakeside Gardens

Project Completed:2021
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Bridgepointe Gardens

Project Completed:2022